Lover of Jesus / Traveler / Foodie / Longhorn / Planner / HI/OC/HTX/ATX

What you can expect:

  • traveling tips / city overviews / food suggestions
  • updates / lessons from my spiritual walk & bible verses/quotes
  • life lessons I learn throughout the days
  • special things/people/events that happen in my life
  • music/book/movie/entertainment thoughts
  • fashion/accessorizing/shopping ideas

Through my weakness, I see His strength, and through His strength, I see His Grace, and through His Grace, I see my need of Him. In my shortcomings, flaws and brokenness, He is calling me to Him and always by my name. It is a treasure, a joy and a strength that possesses us to hail Him from every mountain and to praise Him in every valley. He is altogether wonderful, altogether good, and altogether worthy. Find Him, breathe Him and know Him. He is the joy of all joy, the desire of all desires and the loveliest of all loves. He is Jesus and He is King.


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